What My Clients Say

‘First class coaching and personal training. Entirely bespoke programmes built which have made a huge difference to my training, fitness and overall well being. Can't recommend highly enough!’

— The Legend that is, Hacking.

‘Luke motivated me to get back into shape and was gentle but firm. He made sure that each exercise targeted all the main areas I wanted to improve but balanced it out so that I never injured myself. I saw improvements after working out with Luke than I did from hitting the gym alone and his guidance proved to be invaluable.’

— Tania Samonas

‘Luke became my personal trainer over 6 months ago. I told him that I wanted to strengthen my core, and to focus on my golf swing, so moving my hips whilst keeping my upper body relatively movement free was important to me. All our exercises were designed with this in mind. I am not a regular user of gyms or gym equipment, but Luke created a programme which has certainly strengthened my hip turn. I feel confident using the equipment he has set up for me. Most importantly, I am striking the golf ball more consistently and hitting it at least 20-25% further than before I started the sessions with Luke. I am sorry to be losing him, but as I approach my 70th birthday, I feel confident that I can continue to enjoy and improve my golf for many years to come thanks to our sessions together. I can highly recommend him as a caring personal trainer.’

— Mr Jackson of North London


‘Training with Luke has always been fun, challenging and enjoyable! I started training with him when I spontaneously signed up for a half marathon and at the time I could just about run 2 kilometres. He encouraged me during our sessions to believe that I could do it, pushed me to achieve more and helped me work on my running technique through a range of different exercises. In just a few months I built up my strength and endurance and successfully completed the half marathon! Thank you Luke I couldn’t have done it without you!’

— Katy McDougall