Consultation: Will be completed at a private training studio on Fulham Road. Will typically involve a discussion about where you are now, where youโ€™d like too be and how we would get you there.

Personal Training in a discreet training studio: one to one training session with Luke. Before starting a training programme, Luke will run through some basic movement assessments and physical assessments to get a better understanding of where you currently are and use those findings to building a individualised training programme for you.

Partner up: sometimes bringing a friend with you to train can bring that little bit extra out of you. Youโ€™ll both generally have to have the same goals so that you can get the most of the hour and really enjoy training that little bit more.

Personal Training at home: If for any reason you would prefer to train at home, we are fully insured to train you where ever you feel most comfortable. Whether its because you want to get a session in before heading to the office and/or its just more convenient to do so then this service can be provided for you.

Sports Massage: Seeing a Sports Massage Therapist can be useful to you even if its just acting as a signpost for Physiotherapy, Doctor or something that is out of there scope. If you find you have acquired a new little pain from training or general tightness, a Sports Massage might be the answer, but if after the first consultation and/or treatment I feel you may be need something more specific, you will be directed to the right place to get sorted. Luke has his own massage couch and necessary equipment so he is able to come out to you. 

Sports Performance: Luke has a sufficient amount of experience and expertise in Sports Performance and is available to take you to the next level.

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