5 Numerical habits for the day for healthy weight management for four weeks

1.     Get your steps in.

Have you ever looked at your daily step count? If you’re not hitting 10,000 steps per day, let’s try that for four weeks. 10,000 steps per day, every day for four weeks. If you don’t know where your step counter is on your iPhone follow these steps:

-       Place your thumb in the middle of the screen

-       Drag your thumb down until you see a search bar appear at the top

-       Type ‘health’ into search bar

-       There will be a white box with a heart in the top right corner

-       Tap that (you should then see your step count).


If you have android

-       Get an iPhone.


2.     Track your food intake.

Download MyFitnessPal on your mobile and log your food. Once you’ve filled in your details, the app will suggest your recommended calories for the day, every day. Do not try to exercise off extra consumed calories, let’s just try not eating them first.


3.     Consume enough protein.

To ensure you have and maintain healthy, lean muscles, you need to be consume sufficient amounts of protein. The most recent recommended currently stands at 1.6g of protein per kg of body mass. (e.g. on a calculator you would put for someone at 75kgs: 75 x 1.6 = 120). This will not be easy to do, but making a conscious effort and getting closer to is better than doing nothing at all.


4.     Get enough sleep.

Ideally 8 hours but minimum 6 hours with this one. Good quality sleep is king for optimising recovery, mentally, physically and emotionally. Try implementing a good bed time routine that works for you. For example, if you know you have to be up at 6am, don’t be going to bed at 1am, let’s try getting into bed earlier and more in a more relaxed state with minimal stimulus (watching tv and phones).


5.     Get your fibre in.

You’ll get most of your fibre from fruits and veg. Aim for 7 pieces per day. Good sources of fibre:

-       Wholemeal and wholegrain breads, cereals and pasta

-       Peas, beans and lentils

-       Fruit and vegetables

-       Dried fruit

-       Nuts and seeds

Blending your fruits and veg does reduce the fibre content so aim to eat them whole.



Please note

This post is completely advisory and just hitting the tip of the iceberg for some people. I am fully aware of the potential psychological challenges that this can bring up for some people, so please, if you feel this may cause you some problems, please seek further help from your GP. They can send you to see a dietician that will provide a lot more help than I can. There are pathways for better health for everybody, so don’t be disheartened just yet.

James Hacking