Stop using your phone before getting out of bed and breathe!

Stop using your phone before getting out of bed and breathe!


Since the blow up of smartphones around 10 years ago, the world of tech has gone mad and advanced so rapidly that it can be overwhelming sometimes.


There are now 2 billion, yes, 2 billion people using a smart phone these days. That’s over a quarter of the worlds population. That’s f*^&%$ mental!


And, I’m pretty certain that we all or very nearly all of us wake up in the morning and the first thing we do in the morning (and sometimes in the middle of the night) check our phones. I’m definitely guilty of this!



Like many of things that pop up, this topic was initiated by one of my daily conversations with the close ones in my life.


“What you saying, all blessed?” (what’s the latest, how are you?)


“Yeah man, all blessed”


“Apart from this little funk I’m in” (funk = used to describe as being in a little bit of a funny headspace, feeling a bit down and not really feel yourself. This is sometimes following an event but doesn’t necessarily always have to have a reason, sometimes it just happens and it’s hard to snap out of).


“Why you feeling like this?”


“I dunno man, was just on my phone when I got up and not really feeling it today…”


Now, I’m not saying the phone is the main and only reason we feel shit for the day/s, because your phone used in the right way, especially if most or all of dollar is coming in from the internet, it can be a great thing.


Especially if you are one of those famous reality star sisters banking 1.2 mil per Instagram post.


But… what I will do is present to you how and why checking your phone first thing can ruin your morning…


Does any of this sound familiar?

Scenario A

You wake up at your alarm,


look at your phone (already unnatural light beaming through your noggin),

see a couple of people might have messaged you so your brains already waking up quicker than it needs to in order to think of a response,


check your emails (this can be a very stressful thing to do, especially if your nervous about something at work. Brain goes into overdrive, heart starts racing),


browse insta timeline (5-10 mins because you missed out on so much of what people are up to during your sleep),


quickly tap through peoples stories,


check your dm’s (this for me is usually a few funny or sexy videos forwarded on)


maybe then you’ll go onto facebook for a mindless scroll,


then (IF you’re single) some sort of dating app to see if you’ve had any luck overnight… (rare),


And if you really like to live on the edge, check your bank accounts.


Half an hour absolutely flies by, you look at the time and think “shit, I’m running late”, rush out of bed and go for a piss and think why do f*&^ do I feel so tired already, I’ve just woken up.


Let’s look at this properly and try to get an idea of what went “wrong”.


You’ve seen a tonne of peoples glorious lifestyles on Instagram that look so much better than your  current situation, and let’s face it, you don’t even know half of the c%^$ on there lol


Unless it’s one of your close ones and really proud to see them having a great time, you’re going to feel a little shit sometimes thinking “I want that, why don’t I have that?”



The DMs – you watch a 3 minute video that one of your friends have sent you, then you scroll down and it links to another 3 minute video then again… you get the point. That’s already 9 minutes added up and just gone.


In that half an hour all you’ve done is not move, and provided a your brain with shit load of stimuli (something to react to) and has gone through so many physiological responses. e.g. heart raced at the thought of that deadline you saw in your emails.


This shit can make you tired. Disappointed. Sluggish. Like you’re not making progress. Miserable AF and sometimes jealous.


These are all emotions that take time and energy.


How about for the next week, you do what me and my boy tried and when you wake up in the morning, you:

leave your phone alone

get up

make your bed (some wise man said to me “Luke, a tidy room is a tidy mind” it stuck with me)

go toilet/shower

get some breakfast

get dressed and be ready for your day.


Maybe even set a limit on your phone to how much time you allow yourself to spend on the socials…


You might not make it 7 our of 7 days straight way, but 2 days will be better than no days.


The phone call I had this morning with the same friend that tried for the past 7 days:


“what you saying bro?”


Sounding all fresh and lively “I’m all good bro, have you tried not touching your phone in morning, I’ve been doing and I feel good. Got up and did my old routine, showered, ate some breakfast and I even got to watch a bit of comedy tv before heading to work on time. I usually have to rush because of my phone but not today”.


With the amount of information so easily accessible by your smartphones, it supposed to make your life a little bit easier but used in the wrong way, it can easily be very overwhelming. So manage yourself and your time spent on it effectively.


Last piece of advice: breathe and don’t be so hard on yourself. you are on your own journey at your own speed.


Do push yourself and work hard but do not compare. Comparison is the route of all misery!


Kind Regards